Which of Davton's MailChimp apps do I have or need ?

Davton make two separate MailChimp integration products. If you are confused about which MailChimp product you have purchased or require, here are the key differentiators.

Outlook-MailChimp desktop sync plugin for Outlook

  • Davton’s original product – 4 years mature
  • Synchronize Outlook – MailChimp one way/two way
  • Subscribe from emails and contacts
  • Works in Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016
  • Installs on your desktop
  • Currently $25 perpetual licence. (Shortly to rise to $50 perpetual licence.)

Click here for more information on the MailChimp-Outlook sync plugin

Davton-Subscribe MailChimp list subscription for Office 365

  • Davton’s latest product launched Sept 2015
  • Does not synchronize.
  • Subscribe/Update MailChimp lists while reading emails online
  • Works in Outlook Web App (in your browser)
  • Works in Outlook 2013/2016 (not earlier versions)
  • Simple installation via Office 365 web interface.
  • $20 per year subscription

Click here for more information on Davton-Subscribe for Office 365.

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