Export a Distribution List from Outlook to MailChimp

Export a Distribution List (Contact Group) from Outlook to MailChimp

1. Open the contact folder where the distribution list is saved. Select one or more contacts and distribution lists. Select ‘Subscribe to MailChimp Lists’

2. Select the list to subcribe to.

 3. If you have included a distribution list, click ‘Yes’ to extract the contacts from the list.

4. Select Next. You will see the list of extracted email addresses

 5. Select Subcribe to MailChimp.  The system will show ‘Subcribing Outlook Contacts…..’

 6. You should then see the list of contacts subscribed. If there were any errors, it will show you what caused the errors. (Typically missing information which MailChimp requires)



See the attached pdf file for screen shots.

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