Filtering of Contacts, Appointments and Tasks

Davton synchroniser applications, DavSync and SyncManager, can filter the shared contents of these Outlook folders using several methods:

Filter Shared Contacts, Appointments and Tasks by Categories

DavSync and SyncManager can filter the shared contents of these Outlook folders by Category, so that only a subset of the Contacts, Appointments or Tasks shared folder is copied to the other folder. This is useful, for example, where there is a large number of central entries and the user only wants relevant entries copied to their local folder – such as entries with Category of “Northern Region”, “Admin”, “Sales”, etc.

The filter string can contain up to 100 values, each separated by a comma, and the SyncEngine application will check each Outlook entry being processed to see if any of its Category values are included in the filter string. SyncManager can either compare each value for an exact match, or an “includes” match, but DavSync does exact filter matching only.

An “includes” match will see if the filter value appears in part of the Category value being checked. E.g. a filter value of “sales” would enable entries with Category values of “Sales (Eastern region)”, “Sales (Northern region)”, “Sales Team”, “Lost Sales” to be all included for synchronisation.

The default setting in SyncManager is for exact matching. If you wish to use “includes” matching for Category filtering, you can tick an option in the System Configuration screen called “Filter includes (not exact match)”.

Note: This will apply to all User Configs created by SyncManager Enterprise. 

Filter Appointments and Tasks by Organizer/Owner

When a user creates an Appointment, their UserName is logged as being the Organizer of that Appointment. Similarly, when creating a new Task, their UserName is logged as being the Owner of that Task.

DavSync gives you the option to filter the entries to be synchronised according to a string of UserNames, as entered in the box provided in the main Configuration Manager screen. 

Filter Appointments and Tasks by Contacts

 Since 2010, Davton has included extra filtering options in its SyncManager and DavSync range of applications for the synchronisation of Outlook folders, initially to meet the needs of CICERO LawPack users.

This filtering allows users to only receive Calendar Appointments and Tasks, which are intended for them by name, when they are synchronised from shared Outlook folders. These entries are identified by adding the user’s name to a list of contacts in the Contacts field at the bottom of the Appointment or Task (see below):


Note: for some Outlook users, the Contacts field may be hidden. Before Outlook 2007, a user could make an appointment on the calendar and when opening that appointment, they could see a Contacts field at the bottom with a Contacts button next to it. However, Microsoft has now turned this into an option which is disabled by default.

To enable this feature, for both Appointments and Tasks:

Outlook 2007    Tools > Options… > button Contact Options… > select: Show Contact Linking on all Forms

Outlook 2010    File > Options > section Contacts > select: Show contacts linked to the current item


After enabling contact linking…


Enabling of the Contact Name filters in Davton’s System Configuration screen

Load the Configuration Manager provided by Davton, for either DavSync Enterprise or SyncManager Enterprise (formerly known as EnterpriseSync), and click on the System Config menu option.

When the System Configuration screen is displayed (see DavSync Enterprise example below), tick the two options “Filter Appointments For User” and “Filter Tasks For User”:


Click on “Update Config” to save the changes. 

Taking care to ensure that UserNames used for filtering are correct

Note: Care has to be taken to ensure that the name in the Contacts field matches exactly the UserName in the relevant User Config (located in the SyncData folder). This may require that person’s Folder/User Config file be edited to include characters with accents.

For example, when the Folder Pair or User Config for René Bruun is created, their name is chosen from the Global Address List, which did not contain the accent at the end of his first name, so his configuration settings are saved with a UserName of “Rene Bruun”.

Unfortunately, when the Davton SyncEngine application is then run to copy over his Public Calendar appointments to his local Calendar, he receives nothing because the SyncEngine is trying to match entries that have “René Bruun” in the Contacts field with a UserName of “Rene Bruun” from his configuration file.

There are two ways to correct this: either to edit all the entries in the Outlook folder for him so that the name in the Contacts field is “Rene Bruun”; or to change the UserName in the config file to be “René Bruun”. The latter option is the quickest and easiest. 

Editing the user’s configuration file

  1. Locate the SyncData folder as follows:


The user/folder configuration files are located in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Davton\DavSync\SyncData on XP systems, or in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Davton\DavSync\SyncData on Vista/Windows 7.


The user/folder configuration files are located in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Davton\SyncManager\SyncData on XP systems, or in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Davton\SyncManager\SyncData on Vista/Windows 7.

  1. Open the user’s configuration file:

  2.  Edit the UserName to include the correct accent and/or spelling:

    Edit_User_Config_file__1_.png  Edit_User_Config_file__2_.png

    If you have any further queries about filtering, please contact Davton Support for more information or assistance:


    Tel.      +44 (0)1482 869700

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