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Support for Davton's Enterprise Sync Solutions (DavSync Enterprise and SyncManager Enterprise) is included for initial installation. If you need additional support following changes to the system or to move the software to a different server, Davton charge a small support fee, based on up to an hour of remote support.

Enterprise Installation Remote Support (up to 1 hour)    £50 UK

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Davton offer support using a combination of Remote Access Software and the Telephone. We use the'logmeinrescue' service which does not require any pre-installed software on your system. Since you initiate the call to our web service, we can pass through 99% of firewalls (with your permission at each stage). We can then see your screen and provide whatever help is required. For more information about how his works, see here:

Setting up Enterprise Sync Products

Davton's Enterprise Sync solutions are used daily by 1000s of users to synchronise public folder contacts, tasks and appointments to their personal folders.

Davton's Enterprise Sync Solutions require a service account to be set up on MS Exchange with a very specific set of permissions. They allow the service to view items in the public folders and the user's mailbox, and to update and delete items as required. These are very similar to the permissions required to set up a Blackberry Enterprise Server.

Details of how to set up the permissions are provided here:

Setup Exchange 2007:

Setup Exchange 2010:

If you have questions which are not answered here, please email or call +44 1482 869700

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