Installing ADSync

Davton ADSync Installation

Davton ADSync will create Outlook Contacts from Active Directory. Davton ADSync extracts contact details from Active Directory and copies them to a specified Outlook contact folder. It can run as a local desktop application – or it can be installed as a service to run in the background.

There are two separate installation files:

 1. The Product Installation, which includes the Configuration Manager, the Sync Engine and the Sync Controller. This is the full installation required to synchonise a folder with Active Directory. It requires a 'personal license' .

 The Davton ADSync product installtion files can be downloaded here:


2. The Service Installation, enables the synchronisation to be run as a service. This requires that the product installation (1. above) has first been set up, and requires an Enterprise License. Davton suggest you first set up a test using the personal version, and only install the exnterprise version when the personal version is working.

The Davton ADSync service installation files can be downloaded here:


Help File

There is an on-line help file which includes full instructions on how to install the product here:


Copying Contacts to additional personal folders.

Davton ADSync will synchonise Active Directory with one public folder. ADSync can be used in conjucntion with the Davton SyncManager personal, or SyncManager Enterprise to copy the files from teh public folder to each user's personal calendar folder. Sync Manager requires additional licenses to be purchased.

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